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Pet Insurance

Do you insure all your household members?

We love our pets and maybe you did not know that Pet Insurance is as widely available and affordable as your own health Insurance.

Help your dog by taking a bite out of your annual cost with one of our Pet Insurance Programs.

Should You Consider Pet Insurance?

The highest and usually unknown cost is a dog’s health issues. It is nearly impossible to anticipate and budget for pet accidents or severe health conditions that can occur.

How Much Does Vet Care cost?

Considering the average cost for an emergency visit can be $150 to $250. This is only the visit and does not include the examination and /or treatment required.
According to an article published by, Pet owners can expect to pay $800 to $1,500 on average.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet Insurance works like your own health insurance plan. Coverage is afforded for preventative care and accidents (the unforeseen and usually the most costly ones), as well as simple diagnostic testing. The plans offer a plan deductible and an annual amount of coverage available that you choose.

In the event your pet has an accident or preventative visit to your vet, you submit the veterinarians bill yourself online and get reimbursed based on the plan you have chosen.
Coverage is available for both dogs and cats.

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